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The bottle flip challenge became popular in 2016 after a viral video of a teenager staged a talent show challenge. Since then, it has become so big that famous athletes, celebrities and politicians have joined in the fun. It has also produced countless mobile games that you are probably tired of playing by now. But what if you could play a unique concept in this same challenge?


Meet Flippy Knife, a knife flipping game with over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store. In this game, there are a lot of knives that you can throw in the air to try to land it perfectly. Apart from that, there are a lot of features that you don’t want to miss! Read below!

What is a flippy knife?

You may have done the water bottle flip challenge many times. Or if not, you may have seen people doing this on social media. It’s simple, fun and addictive. But it’s not the first time someone has done this, it just became a trend after being introduced to the talent show.

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Flippy Knife offers a different take on this popular challenge – using knives! In this game, you need to throw the knife in the air and land it successfully. It’s as hard to do in this game as in real life! But in this game, you will be playing with different types of knives that range from ordinary to completely silly! These include badge knives, guitar knives, and even knives with knives! This is where the fun really begins. Try to beat your highest score to show your friends! Read on to find out more.

Flip Knife Features

Flippy Knife is a game that allows you to have an infinite amount of fun using different knives. However, the game offers much more than that! Here are its features:

epic gameplay – The developers have taken the popular trend and added a unique touch to it. This is the simple premise of Flippy Knife. In this game, your goal is to flip the blade so that it lands perfectly in the wood. To do this, you must have amazing luck and an understanding of physics. If you can land the blade in a row, you will get higher scores and rewards!

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120+ blade – The real fun lies in testing different types of blades in this game. There are over 120 blades to collect! There are regular swords, flamethrower blades, shuriken blades, scythe and more! Of course, it costs money to buy but you can do it when you score many points. Each blade is different, so you need to modify your target in order to reach it successfully. It takes time to get used to but it is definitely worth it!

7 different game modes – In this game, you can play in 7 different game modes and locations! You can try the classic style where you need to land it in flat wood. But other modes like dart board or wood are arranged in descending order. Try a lot of poses and master them!


great graphics – What will really attract players to play Flippy Knife is the epic graphics. The graphics are similar to Minecraft but with more modernity. Sites just so eye-popping!

Easy controls and realistic physics – To play this game, you will need to have a good understanding of physics. You can’t land the blade completely without it. But the controls are easy enough to master.

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Award Badges – This game also has over 50 award badges so you can show off your skills!

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Flippy Knife is a game that will put your blade throwing skills to the ultimate test! Download the unlimited money mod now to unlock all the codes!