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In his 25 years, Tupac Shakur experienced a lot of relationships. In addition to dating some of Hollywood’s biggest females, the murdered rapper was briefly married. Kidada Jones, however, was the subject of his last love affair. At the time of his death, the two were engaged and sharing a home. Kidada Jones’s grief at Shakur’s passing was understandable. According to reports, she also held anger toward her father, Quincy Jones.

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Kidada and Tupac were living together in Las Vegas when he passed away; they had become engaged in 1995. When he was shot dead in a drive-by shooting on September 13, 1996, Tupac was en route to visit Jones. One of the final individuals to speak to Tupac before he passed away was Kidada, who was with him in the hospital.

A Review Of The Connection Between Kidada Jones And Tupac

The romance between Kidada Jones and Shakur had a difficult beginning. In an interview with The Source Magazine, the rapper blasted Quincy Jones for dating people of all races and having children who are of different races.

In a critique of Shakur, Rashida Jones, the sister of Kidada Jones, questioned the rapper’s morality and shamed him for showing disrespect to the renowned Quincy Jones. Months later, in a nightclub, Kidada Jones and Shakur crossed paths. In an attempt to make amends for his earlier remarks about their father, he contacted her while pretending to be Rashida Jones. Kidada Jones was smitten with Shakur while they were conversing.

They developed a strong friendship, which Quincy Jones apparently did not approve of. They quickly started dating. But Kidada Jones had had her heart set on it. Quincy Jones eventually accepted the concept and developed a love for Shakur as well. Shakur and Kidada Jones shared a home and discussed getting married and starting a family. When he was shot in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas, she was there with him.

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After The Passing Of Tupac, Kidada Jones Became Irate With Quincy Jones

One of the last people to see Shakur before he died was Kidada Jones. She hurried to the hospital where he was being treated after learning of the incident. She was given entry to the room where doctors kept Tupac Shakur and Shakur’s mother.

She questioned him, “Do you know I love you?” in an interview she gave to Vanity Fair in 1997. Do you realize that we all adore you? Shakur nodded in agreement, but as Kidada Jones left, he started to shake and eventually fell into a coma. After then, he was taken off life support.

Kidada Jones, devastated, said to VH1 that for about nine months following his passing, she was unable to leave her house, talk, or even cry. She also felt immense remorse for his death since she had a terrifying suspicion that something dreadful would occur before Shakur left their hotel. On the evening he was shot, she begged him not to go out, but he insisted. Kidada Jones was also upset with Quincy Jones and told VH1 that she felt abandoned by her father while Shakur was in the hospital following the shooting.

Later, Kidada Jones came to know that Quincy Jones found Shakur’s death to be difficult. In order to repair their relationship, the father and daughter got back in touch and had a long discussion about Tupac.

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