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Are you confident in your eyes and think that they can easily detect everything at your first sight? Do you like to engage in the exciting gameplay of finding hidden objects? And most importantly, do you want to enjoy your favorite game on the go? Then this great mobile title from Focus Apps should definitely impress you.

Start enjoying the interactive and fun levels of puzzles, as you discover hidden objects in them Discover And interact freely with the puzzle game like never before. Enjoy playing with addictive levels in the game and freely discover relaxing missions during your in-game experiences.

Find out more about the great phone title Find Out with our in-depth reviews.

story / gameplay

Here at Find Out, Android players can enjoy simple and accessible puzzle play, where you will face addictive Find the Objects challenges and solve puzzles. Work freely on the different levels within the game and have fun playing puzzles on the go.

Relax and play through multiple challenges with mounting difficulties and multiple scenarios to get used to. Explore in-depth and interesting hand-drawn images that focus on the same detail. Unlock tons of beautiful puzzles and enjoy the great Find Out game with interactive experiences.

And to make the game even more exciting, you can now discover many unique interactions between items and objects, as they make the scenes more connected. Also enjoy the many interactive missions you’ve enjoyed from games like Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles and more.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple gameplay with accessible touch controls

To get you started, Android players in Find Out will quickly get used to the simple and accessible gameplay for solving puzzles, thanks to the simple touch controls. Here, you can work freely on the screen to select objects, find differences, or use gesture commands to freely interact between the elements together. Enjoy interesting game puzzles and freely explore levels with accessible touch controls.

Discover 3 . screen

Various theme packs to choose from

And to make it easier for Android players to find their favorite gameplay, Find Out will offer several available theme packs that you can take advantage of. Here, the game offers different theme packs, which consist of animals, ocean, travel and many other accessible themes. The different options will provide you with a variety of gameplay to interact with freely. Thus, you can also modify the puzzle solving challenges in the ways you prefer.

Interesting game modes to play with

As you go through the in-game experiences, Find Out also offers you many interesting game modes for you to enjoy. Here, you can either play in Find the Differences mode or enjoy puzzle solving challenges instead. Either way, the game will definitely bring you many fun experiences and emotional gameplay.

  • find the difference – Start the levels by challenging eye twisted pictures, where you will need to find the differences between the two outwardly similar pictures. Or play with the single image and quickly discover the required items.
  • solve the puzzle – Enjoy solving in-game puzzles from Find Out, as you discover many interesting scenarios in the game. Help the characters overcome their particular problems by interacting freely with items and devise clever ways to win the game.

Endless levels with mounting difficulties

To make sure that the game does not get bored as you progress to the next levels and gain more skill in brain-eye coordination, Find Out now offers its escalating difficulties. Now, you can enjoy finding objects and solving puzzles within the game. With increasing difficulties every time you advance a level, players in Find Out can always enjoy challenging and exciting puzzle solving game.

Beautiful hand-drawn jigsaw puzzle

Moreover, to allow players to enjoy their gameplay of solving puzzles to the fullest, Find Out will present its beautiful hand-drawn visuals with great details and accessible features. Here, you can freely explore items and freely work with puzzles as you progress. Select the beautiful pictures as you discover the huge collection of puzzle pictures in Find Out.

Enhance your brain-eye coordination

For those of you who are looking to improve your brain-eye coordination, this exciting gameplay from Find Out will surely impress you with its powerful features. Here, you can train your skills of quick thinking and discrimination, with many missions and puzzles available in the game.

Enjoy the game with or without internet

Now, with the offline gameplay of Find Out available, Android players can have more fun playing the mobile title. Feel free to discover in-game experiences when you’re out and about and don’t have Wi-Fi connections ready.

free to play

And for those who are interested in the great Find Out game, you can now enjoy the free game which can be accessed on the Google Play Store, no payment is required. As a result, players can freely discover many in-game features without facing any problems.

Enjoy the unlocked mobile game on our website

To make the gameplay of Find Out more enjoyable, Android players can now enjoy the unlocked game on our website instead. Here, we offer you ad-free experiences and unlimited in-game money for you to work with comfortably. All it takes is to download a file Discover the mod APK on our site. Follow the given instructions to get the game ready on your mobile devices.

Picture and sound quality


Get ready to discover beautiful gameplay to solve puzzles that you can’t find anywhere, Find Out offers many cool hand-drawn pictures. With brilliant details and dynamic colors, you can find yourself enjoying the puzzle solving levels to the fullest. In addition, the game also offers many exciting animations and interactions between the elements, which makes the gameplay more attractive. Most importantly, the undemanding in-game graphics will ensure that you can always enjoy smooth and satisfying Find Out game play on your mobile devices.

sound and music

Feel free to enjoy the interesting sound effects in the game as you freely work with the in-game items and try to solve your tasks. At the same time, also discover the great puzzle-solving gameplay with exciting soundtrack and cheerful music. All this will keep you addicted to the exciting gameplay of Find Out.

last thoughts

The simple and very attractive puzzle-solving gameplay in Find Out will surely impress most of the Android players. With immersive and exciting images that you can freely explore, the game allows players to have the most fun by finding the differences or solving puzzles. It will all be free on our website, thanks to the modded version of Find Out.