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Three years have passed since the third season of 90 Day Fiancé, which is when we first got to know Mohamed Jbali as well as Danielle Mullins. Mohamed and Danielle’s relationship quickly rose to the top of social media’s most heated discussions as one of the reality TV couple’s more volatile pairings. Through the social media uproar, some of Danielle’s actions and Mohamed’s motivations were revealed.

Mohamed and Danielle’s relationship was a little bit more complicated when we last saw them because of a third party. As Mohammed’s conceivable new love interest, Luisa Berry made an appearance on 90 Day Fiancé, which sparked more debate online.

The TV show centers on several Americans who have fallen in love abroad and are trying to bring their partners back to the country. A K1 visa, which allows visitors to stay in the nation for 90 days, must be applied for by each couple. If the couple does not legally marry within 3 months, the foreigner must return to their home country.

Each couple experiences its trials and tribulations; some endure criticism from friends and family, while others discover problems in their relationships. Many are even accused of getting married merely to obtain U.S. citizenship. Even though every newly married couple on the tv series has a fascinating and distinctive plotline

What about Luisa from 90 Day Fiancé? Officially, she is Mohamed’s “friend” who allegedly assisted him in leaving his unhappy marriage to Danielle Mullins by helping him relocate from Ohio to Miami. According to Luisa Berry, “Mohamed and I met on Newsfeed while they were married.” I assisted him with his relocation to Miami. He was and continues to be my best friend.”


The film crew followed Mohammed and Luisa to Miami where they were filmed spending a great deal of time together and even sharing a room for the night. Although he as well as Danielle are already divorced, this is probably where her worries that her husband was unfaithful began. Danielle said, “He claimed to be going to Florida but posted pictures from South Carolina where he was visiting Luisa Berry. “Why wouldn’t you bring your wife?” He was residing with me at the time, and we were still engaged.

Luisa vehemently denied having an intimate relationship with Mohamed despite the accusations but also in convincing appearances. “People think we’re automatically banging because he’s an attractive young man and I’m an attractive girl,” she explained. I was attempting to rescue him from that terrible circumstance, but I don’t need people to trust me.

The story of Danielle and Mohamed is far from over, even though they are now legally separated for fraud and adultery.

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