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Happy birthday dance, fun video to share with friends.

ElfYourselfIt’s a great app that lets you create a funny dance video on the Christmas theme!

ElfYourself is one of the most popular apps on the theme of the Christmas season. The app brought great dance and endless fun to millions of people around the world.

Fun app for birthdays

Elf Yourself allows you to act in dozens of interesting dance videos. Adorable dancing elves, custom faces with yours. The app adds fun to the traditional Christmas holiday.

The app uses your own facial stitching technology for the video. The AI ​​of the app is very smart, so you can indulge yourself in the hilarious Christmas dance.

The app not only allows you to create videos with photos from the gallery but also lets you capture them directly on the app. As such, you can create a Christmas video quickly and on time.

You can experience the wonderful Christmas holiday through the elf dancers. If you want to make a great video, head over to our photo gallery. Suggest you choose a happy picture, and a bright smile to match the birthday theme.

The interface of the application is easy to use and intuitive. You can easily follow the instructions. You upload the required number of photos, and enjoy the collective joy of family and friends on the Christmas holidays!

ElfYourself screen 0

Elf Yourself easily creates a video of your face or many others. The application offers many wonderful Christmas dances. First, you have to choose an image to join it. You can select a photo from the gallery or use the camera to take a new photo. This function helps you to quickly choose an image to include in your video.

From here, you will create a funny Christmas style video as desired.

The application allows you to add up to 5 faces. After that, you choose an interesting dance, and your video waits automatically. You will enjoy many fun and relaxing moments while enjoying your dance performances. Cute videos will become very funny greetings for your friends and family for Christmas. Everything is as easy as making a great family holiday cake!

ElfYourself screen 3

Easily share funny videos on social networks

Elf Yourself not only helps you create an exciting video but also allows you to share it with your friends and those around you.

Integrated video sharing tool application. So, you can easily share the funny videos via many popular social networks like Facebook, Youtube or Instagram. In addition, you can also share via instant messaging or other online platforms.

The share function helps you quickly send funny videos to the right place. In addition, you can easily access online videos when needed.

ElfYourself screen 1

Save videos to your phone and enjoy them anytime

ElfYourself not only shares funny videos via many means (social networks, messages, emails), but also supports saving videos easily.

After creating the video of your favorite dance, the video will be immediately stored in the phone gallery. Simply tap the “Save” icon at the bottom of the screen, and the video is stored in the phone’s memory. This helps users to quickly save and review interesting videos. You very much enjoy seeing your face in the Christmas dance anytime and anywhere.

ElfYourself supports many free dance moves. But you have to pay for some private dances. The app allows you to purchase dances individually or get a Season Pass. The app also does not contain a lot of annoying ads.

If you choose the seasonal subscription, you will be charged an annual fee until it is officially canceled. Of course, opting out is easy with your settings. The app will help you to renew automatically, and you can choose to turn off the automatic renewal. Alternatively, you can manage your accounts in your user account settings.

ElfYourself 2 . screen

Create birthday dance videos and share the joy with everyone

ElfYourself helps you create a fun video. Just insert your face into the Christmas dance video. The application allows you to take pictures in a gallery or take pictures directly.

In addition to that, the app also helps you easily share videos via many means.

Quickly download ElfYourself to create exciting happy birthday dance videos. You will have more fun sharing with everyone about your interesting personal videos!