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climber drawing It is a unique arcade game in which your task is to help a cube move to the finish line by drawing its legs. Not only that, but draw different legs depending on the obstacles you need to overcome. Draw Climber challenges your imagination and creativity to help the cube finish by drawing its legs. The most unique part of this game is the competition against other players in the race to see who will finish first.

The game requires you to draw different foot shapes for the square block depending on the obstacles to be overcome. During the competition, be careful to draw the right leg pattern to help the arena successfully overcome obstacles quickly. The hole at the bottom of the screen is the place to draw the character’s legs. Draw Climber is a cute action game that attracts players to enhance creativity where you can master your feet to win each level.

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general information

Coming from Voodoo, developer of many popular arcade games like Smash Cars! Woodturning, 3D, Snake VS Block, or Army Clash, Draw Climber promises to give players new and awesome gameplay and humorous time. The best part about Draw Climber is that you can compete in fun races with other players. While racing in this PVP mode, pay close attention to the obstacles if you don’t want your opponent to lag behind the cube.

In each race of the Draw Climber game, the player’s task is to draw the legs of the square at the bottom of the screen. While drawing, try to find the best shape so that your character can move through each level as fast as possible. Fortunately, some levels have a checkpoint. So, if you hit an obstacle, you will start over from the last checkpoint without having to go back to the starting line.

Draw Climber is an addictive action game where players can unleash their creativity to draw legs for a character. He will not be able to climb through each level. Quickly download the game to check if you can draw the right leg, overcome all obstacles, and become the first to finish.

Draw Climber is an interesting casual game. The overall graphic style of the game is relatively simple and elegant. You can join exciting game challenges anytime and anywhere. And after that, start drawing beautiful pictures. Many tasks await you. Completing the sharing will bring you a purer experience. Operation methods in the game are relatively simple and varied. You can choose different tools to challenge it. It is easy to get started.

The game comes with a simple and flexible operating mode. Many missions are waiting for you to complete. It gives you the most innocent level of adventure challenges that can be used at will. Several props can be used. So, you can do the easy planning and challenges. Finally, escape from this world full of crises and use challenges at will to design an excellent escape route.

In the game, you can join the exciting climbing challenge. Players will customize the exclusive image design to unleash a fast paced adventure and exhilarating climbing challenge. After that, it depends on your strong skills and willpower to avoid many dangerous obstacles.

Install the game

Draw Climber is a creative type of game. Players need to draw legs for the cube to help the character move as fast as possible. After downloading the application for installation, log in to the game. Then press Run. When you play for the first time, the system will guide you to draw legs for the cube. It will help you move around so you can make the right drawing.

When the drawing is finished, the drawing will be attached to the cube. You will move through obstacles and eat gold coins. When you want a lot of gold coins, you can get them by watching the promotional videos of the system by clicking on the video icon.

Besides drawing a cube, you can also use the gold coins collected through the levels, watch ads, and buy nice things. The system will require you to perform challenges to complete the task. Upon completion of the mission, it will unlock giving you possession of the Draw Climber.

How to play Draw Climber?

To play the Draw Climber game, click on Play which is right in the main interface of the game. The gameplay in Draw Climber is relatively simple. Draw cube pins according to your creativity to help them move around and overcome obstacles. If you are playing Draw Climber for the first time, you don’t have to worry. The in-game system will guide you how to draw. After reaching the finish line, you will receive a reward of gold coins. You can use gold coins to buy speed for the cube and watch ads to upgrade that speed further.

Once you increase the speed of the cube with the accuracy of the drawing, the cube will quickly reach the finish line in no time. To collect more gold coins besides completing in each level, you can earn this unit by doing the tasks offered by the game. Gold is a useful element to speed up the cube. This unit also helps you to buy other shape blocks in the store. The better the block of the figure, the more gold it will consume. You can also own these blocks for free by viewing ads. Besides, there are things that you need to complete to unlock it.

The game is easy to learn. You control a character in the form of a blue cube and compete with human opponents who are green and similar in appearance. After you click the “Start” button, they will ask you to draw the path you want the character to take. What you will do is draw the shape of your character’s arm. It will play an essential role in determining your success.

As you and your opponent compete on the track, you will encounter a series of increasingly difficult obstacles – balls, blocks, walls, water, a combination of the above. Also try to collect coins until you reach the checkpoint. On the face, the purpose of drawing weapons is to repeat samples of images of artificial intelligence. is an addictive casual action and adventure game. The game has great Q version of art graphics in cartoon style and real time multiplayer gameplay. Players need to do everything they can to get the other players out of the sliding channel. Then fight for the first to reach the end.

The game starts quickly. And you can quickly find the character that suits you. The skin here is very fresh, too. The background music is very dynamic allowing you to feel the cool and exciting gameplay and feel of this endless game. Slide your finger to move the screen. You can compete with players in the world and adopt the mechanism of survival of the fittest.

last words

Draw Climber MOD APK is an excellent mobile casual game released by Voodoo. The game mechanism is very simple – draw the character’s arm and make it run from the start line to the finish. Although learning casual games is much easier than learning deep games with lots of advanced features and graphics, there are still gamers who are not comfortable with the process. Therefore, the editor organized the processes of the game climbing legs of the drawing to help everyone get acquainted with the processes of the game faster.