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Updated November 15, 2022 by Ernie

THE FORGER FAMILY might be falling apart very soon, Yors brother Yuri is a threat and Anya knows about this!  Once the secrets are uncovered, betrayal and bloodshed could be in their path-what will happen to the Forger Family?

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The Foresight 

Episode 14 introduced us to the dog named Bond and his psychic power to see the future. He saw how hell end up with the forger family, and the death of Loid. One thing we learned about it, is that it is possible to change the future. We saw Anya and Bond work together to prevent Loid trigger the door with a bomb that will set if he opens it. 

Upon doing so, Anya was able to peek at Bonds eyes and saw that Loid appears in his foresight. Bonds ability to see the future foreshadows the possible plot that might occur in the future episode. Bond receives a vision of black static implying a premonition of death, and we might see more of this as the story progresses. 

We think of Spy x Family as a story filled with cuteness, and comedy. But we overlook the fact that Yor is a murderer, Loid has tricked a lot of people, and Yuri himself is set to hunt Twilight. We saw in Episode 14 how the story turned dark, and it being a potential story of the possible fate that lies within the Forger family


The Suspicion building up

The only reason for the Forger Family to crumble is when the truth is uncovered! The only person who is capable of doing so is no other than Yuri. 

According to Loid, the closer Yuri is to them, the easier the secret can slip (Chapter 11). One thing that is left is for Bond to take a look at Yuri and reveal the future to Anya! This might happen sooner than we expect after all in Chapter 66, we see the Shopkeeper gets intrigued by Yors reasons for her sudden friendship with Melinda Desmond.

Of course, the Shopkeeper is well aware of the Desmonds conservative views and the mere mention of a political agenda from Yors husband has raised suspicion. The thread of lies is starting to unravel, and this is different from the previous suspicion that they had! 

The first was their neighbor who had a suspicion because of Loids frequent absence  (Episode 12) and the second was Chief Medical Doctor Gerald Gorey who reported to the State Security Service that Loid is a spy (Chapter 67). The difference between the suspicion of the first two individuals from the Shopkeeper is that Loid wasnt there to solve everything. Loid is unaware of Yors slip up and therefore it is a possible threat to the future of the Forger Family. Yor might be the reason why their family will stumble. Imagine if she does it once again? 

Weve seen how easy it is to alarm the government, and if the Shopkeeper starts putting the pieces together, and with Loid unaware of this. Then this might be the end for the Forger Family. 

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The Fate of The Forger Family

Imagine the anger from Yuri if he discovers that the enemy of the state is married to his precious sister. If the shopkeeper reports this to the SSS, then Yuri will immediately know about it. 

He will be the person who may destroy the Forger family. The little brother is obsessed with his sister, and thats the reason why he joined the secret police in order to protect the country she lives in (Episode 8). Thats some dedication!

He sees Twilight as a threat that will destroy their country. Therefore the storyline between them if the secrets are revealed is set for a gruesome fate!  Bond and Yuri have never met each other yet, but this is a possible scenario that might happen in the future volume of the series. Loids death might be too repetitive, which is why Bonds foresight is different from the death premonition he once saw. It is possible that it will be darker than the previous one. Therefore its up to Anya and Bond once again to change the future, for themselves and their familys. 

Lets hope that Anya and Bond will keep them together, or else things will turn out differently. But for now, lets enjoy the moment. After all, this is a Family Friendly Show, what is wrong with you guys? Dont tell me you want that ending to happen? JUST kidding, I know we all want a happy ending for the Forger family.

The competition between the little brother and the fake husband in Yors heart is already entertaining (Chapter 68). Yuri is persistent, no matter how many times he loses, he will keep coming back! Therefore the possibility of our assumption will continue with Yuri ever so close to the Forger family.


Do They End Up Together?

For now, it is better to answer the question that most of the fans have been asking. Will they end up together? 

Well, actually the anime and manga have been setting the trajectory of where their relationship is heading. But as of now, their only relationship is being a fake married couple and just being friends-friends who like each other but would never admit it.  They could potentially end up having real feelings for each other, and Anya could be one of those catalysts that helps them bud their relationship. 

We also have Nightfall, who we know has feelings for Twilight, I mean…Chapter 30 was a lot of her swooning and daydreaming about replacing Yor. But I know we all had the same reaction to Anya not wanting Nightfall to be her mother. Sorry Nightfall, were not letting go of Yor and Loid anytime soon!

Her role in their story only pushed them further together, especially with their tennis mission in Chapter 34, and Nightfall also mentioned that Loids smiles toward Yor had a hint of emotion to it in Chapter 30. Which could indicate that a real relationship could be thrown into the mix! Im pretty sure there are going to be more challenges that may help them progress further in their relationship. But the biggest hurdle thats blocking their real relationship is their double lives. 



Mark my words! The future of the Forger Family is in peril!

That might be the ending that we never expect! 

What do you guys think? Will we ever see this storyline happen? Let us know in the comments! 

Weve already seen in the first episode that once Loids mission is accomplished, he breaks off all ties, breaks up with his fake partner, and starts a new life. How sure are we that he wont do that to Anya and Yor? Loid is putting everything on the line for the sake of this mission but because hes slowly warming up to his little family… Only time can tell the fate of the Forger Family. 

But again! Its all left to Anya and Bond to prevent the bad ending and have the true family that they deserve to have!


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