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Charles Manson’s son, Valentine Michael Manson, also known as Michael Brunner, is a member of the criminal family. Charles Manson, the father of Valentine Manson, was well-known for his multiple killings.

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One of the Manson family patriarchs who was in charge of several fatalities was Valentine’s father. In an effort to distance himself from his infamous father, Valentine Michael later legally changed his name to Michael Brunner.

Personal Life of Valentine Michael Manson in 2022

On April 15, 1968, Valentine Michael, now 53 years old, was born. He was born in Los Angeles, California, under the sign of the Ram. While his parents were abroad, his grandparents in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, looked after him and his brothers.


Robert Heinlein’s Stranger In A Strange Land was the cult leader’s favorite book, therefore Manson gave his third child the name Valentine Michael. An adult is brought up on Mars by Martians and then travels back to Earth.

Michael and all of Valentine Charles Manson’s other children were born at home because the cult leader preferred it when his women gave birth there. The Manson family’s son Michael Brunner was born in a dilapidated Topanga Canyon house. Manson allegedly used his teeth to cut the umbilical cord when Mary Brunner gave birth. After Valentine Manson was born, Mary Brunner and her housemates were taken into custody.

Today’s Situation For Charles Manson’s Son

Micahel Brunner aggressively keeps his immediate family as far away from Charles Manson as he can, however, it’s unknown whether the now-adult grandson of the guy is aware of his ancestry.

According to one of his pals, Brunner destroyed every letter his father had given him and has no desire to get to know him. One of Brunner’s final appearances mentioning his iconic father was in that 1993 interview.

After Charles Manson passed away in 2017, Brunner filed a lawsuit against Jason Freeman, who is alleged to be the grandson of Manson, in 2018.

He and Manson’s longtime pen-friend asserted to have two distinct copies of the cult leader’s will. But according to Brunner, there was no such will, and the two men had no claim to Manson’s assets.

After being delivered to his alleged grandson Jason Freeman, son of Charles Manson Jr., the cult leader’s body was burned and his ashes dispersed.

Michael Brunner remained insistent that he did not fear inheriting his father’s insanity when asked about it in a 1993 interview. He also said that his grandparents were responsible for his secure upbringing. Brunner’s grandma was even praised as a hero by one of his old instructors.

The instance of Michael Brunner, the son of Charles Manson, is a reassuring reminder that one’s terrible genes may not always determine their identity but rather that one may transcend their biological fate with the appropriate sort of circumstances.

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