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Get ready to compete in the greatest battleground for car enthusiasts. Download Crash of Cars for Android and experience an addictive game for everyone to enjoy.

Download Crash Car for Android

There are plenty of missions to play, both online and offline. Play with friends or alone, regardless, this is the game for you.

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how to play

Defeating an opponent gives you a crown. The player with the most crowns is basically a type, so one of them can get rid of them. Hold out for as long as you can, while maintaining your position as the best player in the arena.

Crowns can also be converted into coins. You can use this currency for two main things within the game:

  1. Buy more skins for your car, which is always great.
  2. using a prize machine.

The Prize Machine It is a cool and useful function in the game that allows you to get any vehicles you want. Regardless of rarity (common, rare, epic, legendary). Additionally, there is also an additional type of rarity that is not available in the rewards machine.

Each vehicle has a specific task that must be completed. Successfully defeating a mission earns you a badge as a token of your victory.

Not only that, but you can get many different achievements from playing the game. Therefore, you will need to make your way through all the different aspects of the game. Learn about maps and controls. In the end, you will become a pro once you are done.


As an endless arena game, you’re going to need some kind of cool feature to keep playing, right? Technically, there is no end game or main objective that must be completed to finish the game. There is no end to the game.

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So these features should be worth the download…right? Well, you can see for yourself. Here are all the aspects that make Crash of Cars what it is:

  • There are 8 different maps to play in real time against others. The multiplayer mode is fun and exciting. However, there are a limited number of maps available every 4 hours. They will continue to change after this time limit has passed.
  • Over 70 different cars to unlock will keep you playing for hours. With four different rare species, do your best to get everything.
  • Likewise, there are more than 30 different skins to add to your vehicles. Personalize your ride a little bit with these different platforms.
  • In addition, there are 16 power units within the game. You can fire flamethrower, cannons, and many different weapons.
  • Make the game fun. Invite your friends to battle. Invite them and play online for some frenetic and entertaining competition.
  • However, there is also a leaderboard in place. The results are constantly updated hourly to show who’s the best dog at all times.
  • There are plenty of missions for each vehicle to keep you occupied as well.
  • Stunning and cartoonish 3D graphics.
  • Single player mode is also available. There are about 100 levels that you can enjoy as a single player.
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The game is still being updated, as long as the servers remain intact. So look out for the additional features that are coming in the future.

Crash of Cars Mod APK Free Download

Do you want to destroy the competition completely? So why not get a modified version of the game? Get a head start in the arena with this upgrade and included updates:

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