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Chanel was born in Los Angeles, California. When she was younger, Chanel divided her time between New York City and North Hollywood, where she resided with her mother, Penny Porsche, and her father, DJ Jamie Dudley, who frequently brought Chanel out to clubs.

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About Her Career

Through mutual contacts, Chanel connect with television personality Rob Dyrdek met in 2008. Shortly later, while Chanel was taking part in the MTV reality series Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory, Dyrdek made her an offer to work as his receptionist.

Later, MTV decided to give the sitcom a second season. The third season of the show began in 2011, with twelve episodes, and ended the following year. The fourth season aired in 2011.

In 2009, Coast worked together on the Valleywood clothing line. She also introduced the LOL CARTEL apparel line in 2019. In 2018, she created the Chanel West Coast smoking accessories line for the Daily High Club cannabis subscription box brand.

Who are The Parents of Chanel West Coast?

West Coast Chanel was created in Los Angeles. She had to live on both coasts because her parents divorced when she was a little child. Jamie Dudley and Penny Porsche are Chanel West’s parents.

When she wasn’t with her mother in Los Angeles, she resided in NYC with her DJ father. Chanel credits him for igniting her love of music by taking her to venues where her father was a DJ when she was a little kid.

She frequently gives her parents the credit for her present achievement. She attributes her work ethic and sense of humor to her mother.

Chanel’s mother from the West Coast, Penny Porshe

Chanel West Coast’s mother is Penny Porshe. Her stepmother’s name is Linda as well. Coast gets along nicely with both her mother and her stepmother.

She and her mom lived in the San Fernando Valley while West Coast was in California. According to Chanel (via LA Weekly), her mother battled terribly to provide for the family, at one point even cultivating marijuana to assist with the bills.

Chanel states that when she was 11 years old, she started using marijuana at home. Chanel has always respected her mother’s efforts to improve her life.

The West Coast Chanel Jamie Dudley, The Father

Singer Chanel West Coast’s father is Jamie Dudley. The singer’s father inspired her when she was 14 years old.

Chanel grew up on both coasts, visiting her father in New York City after seeing her mother in North Hollywood. Her parents’ introduction to music, changed everything.

No of her current status as a musician, there is no disputing that music had a significant role in her life. Her father was the source of her most amazing musical achievement.

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