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The Livin the Dream television series made YouTuber and angler Captain Jimmy Nelson famous. He and his wife Luiza are well-known for their fishing expeditions in various parts of the world. They each have their own YouTube channels, but they both appear on each others.

Biography of Captain Jimmy Nelson

Although much is unknown about Captain Jimmy Nelson’s date and year of birth, he was born in Florida. His educational history is unknown, and he has not made any disclosures about this facet of his life. Nevertheless, according to, Captain Jimmy Nelson is indeed the creator and host of the TV show Extreme Fishing Adventures, where he and his wife document their fishing journeys around the globe.

In the year 1967, Sevenoaks, Kent, gave birth to James Philip Nelson. With his father, an International Shell geologist, he traveled throughout his childhood, spending time in Africa, Asia, and South America. He was sent to the Jesuit boarding school Stonyhurst College in Lancashire, England when he was 7 years old. As a result of a confluence of stress and an adverse reaction to malaria medication, he developed Alopecia totalis when he was 16 years old, a condition in which all of the hair falls out.

Captain Jimmy Nelson’s Wife

According to, Captain Jimmy is wed to Luiza Barros, a YouTuber and professional angler. The two have fished in many different nations and types of water.

Captain Jimmy Nelson’s Youtube

On May 22, 2010, Captain Jimmy Nelson launched his own YouTube channel with the name Captain Jimmy Nelson. Since then, the channel has gained over 10,000 subscribers and received over 900,000 views. Similar content is shared on his Facebook page as well as his YouTube channel.

Captain Jimmy Nelson’s net worth is unknown.

Captain Jimmy Nelson’s net worth is currently being investigated, but it is estimated that his Youtube channel brings in about $2,000 per month.

Trivia & Facts 

Additionally, Nelson’s work has come under fire for harmful generalizations and inaccuracies that he employs to improve his image and that of his photography but which work against the interests of the tribespeople he is photographing.

It is simply untrue that tribespeople has been “unchanged for thousands of years,” Julia Lagoutte keeps writing in the OpenDemocracy; they have been changing just as quickly as we have. It is obvious that Nelson views their purity and attraction as being rooted in their seclusion from the present and confinement to the past, so this is the sole reality he depicts in his photographs.

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