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Naruto's lava style rasenshuriken against madara in the 4th great ninja war
Naruto’s lava-style Rasenshuriken against Madara in the 4th great ninja war. Pic credit: Studio Pierrot

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has arrived at an intriguing turning point with the manga’s most recent arc. Chapter 75 of Boruto has unveiled a godly new type of Jutsu that will play a significant role in the narrative going ahead!

The series’ Code-focused storyline has deviated from Otsutsuki’s initial goals and started introducing androids with magical-type abilities that looked well outside the scope of the Jutsu skills seen in the series up until this point. But as Amado reveals, these incredible new powers are genuinely the result of an extraterrestrial cause.

What exactly is this new god-tier Jutsu

After Eida and Daemon moved into the Hidden Leaf Village with Boruto Uzumaki and Kawaki in Boruto 75 of the series, Naruto and Shikamaru spoke with Amado further to understand the true potential of these androids. As he describes their ability, he also discloses that the source of their talents truly stems from a god-level Otsutsuki who possessed a specific Jutsu known as “Shinjutsu” that did not require hand signs.

Panel from Boruto Manga chapter 75 showcasing Otsutsuki Shibai
Panel from Boruto Manga chapter 75 showcasing Otsutsuki Shibai. pic credit: Viz media

According to Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 75, Amado implanted Eida and Daemon’s powers rather than developing them. Amado was able to transfer the god-level skills of an Otsutsuki called Shibai into Eida and Daemon by using the DNA that was left over from the corpse of this Otsutsuki. Shibai had been able to successfully develop into godhood. He says that these abilities are referred to as “Shinjutsu.”

As Amado explains, Shibai’s power, known as Shinjutsu, originated without the need for any of the hand signs. These abilities were not ninjutsu or sage arts, but rather the ability to call storms with a wave of his palm and thunder with his roars. He claims that they essentially amounted to miracles and that ninjutsu itself was created as a means of accessing this Shinjutsu level of power. The talents of Eida and Daemon, Code’s claw markings, and the shrinking and eye abilities that Kawaki inherited from Isshiki are only a few examples of Shinjutsu skills that have previously been demonstrated in action.

Shibai Otsutsuki: What we know so far

The scientist known as Amado discloses details on what may be the most potent Otsutsuki ever to exist as Boruto and his comrades try to negotiate their way through these uncharted and perilous seas while attempting to appease the defected Kara members.

The former head of research and development for the evil organization spills the beans on what could be the most powerful being in the Naruto universe while picking Amado’s brain about what he knows about the alien warrior race and also revealing how he came to team up with Jigen before the former head of Kara’s demise.

According to Amado, the abilities he transplanted into his androids were brought about by a god or someone who evolved into a god-like being, Otsutsuki Shibai. He further explains that he (shibai) is no longer with us. All that exists are his remains.

He also explains that the Chakra fruit that forms from absorbing all life on a planet is a mass of colossal energy and genetic information. And that the Otsutsuki is a species that evolves through devouring those fruits. By repeatedly undergoing karmic resurrection, Shibai cheated death, devoured many fruits over several millennia, and eventually, the cumulative evolution led to godhood.

Shibai hasn’t appeared in one of the three series about the Konoha ninjas, but this most recent chapter surely appears to be heavily hinting at his comeback. The scientist goes on to explain that he was able to transplant talents derived from Shibai to members of the Kara Organization.

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