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A YouTuber whose identical twin sister underwent cosmetic surgery to radically modify her appearance addressed her sibling about the drastic difference in a frank video.

The 23-year-old Niki DeMartino sat down with her twin sister Gabi DeMartino to talk about the cosmetic treatments she had done on her lips, teeth, and nose. At one point, Niki asked Gabi, “Why did you dislike your face so much?

In addition to receiving porcelain veneers for her teeth and a non-surgical nose operation after turning 18, Gabi has had fillers injected into her lips.

Gabi responded that she thought her prior face was “holding [her] back” from completely pursuing her passion for makeup and that she longed to appear more like their mother, a former beauty queen when her sister pressed her to explain the reasons behind her metamorphosis.

Niki, who published a video in June about getting fillers beneath her eyes, has stated that she admires her sister for being able to follow her heart and disregard what other people think of her. Both sisters agreed that after starting her YouTube channel, Gabi has seen a “dramatic metamorphosis.”

Conversation Between The Two

Even though Niki doesn’t appear to have her “old face” at the moment, Gabi claimed that it was “very uncomfortable” for her when she did. When Gabi and Niki first began creating YouTube videos together in 2012, most of their followers were unable to distinguish between them.

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In contrast to Gabi, who has long brown hair and frequently uses tanning beds in addition to having cosmetic treatments, Niki now has blue hair, pale skin, and her natural facial characteristics. Niki confided in her sister that she believes they were “the closest” they’ve ever been while they still shared the same appearance.

After turning 18, Gabi recalled thinking, “Yes! I’m finally able to replace a face I despise so much! and got to work right away on her metamorphosis. Years of her life had been spent daydreaming about the surgeries she would one day undergo in order to improve the way she looked, even going so far as to create lists instead of doodling whenever her attention wandered at school.

Because she “hated her thin lips so much,” Gabi started with lip injections and afterward had her teeth and nose altered. She desired “a make-up face” because she was limited by her natural features in terms of the makeup styles she could do.

Before her change, Gabi usually sought to “compensate” for her thin lips by sporting eye-catching makeup looks, but after getting her fillers, she felt finally able to start experimenting with lipstick as well.

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Gabi had her lips done first, then she went on to her teeth, feeling that her old teeth didn’t match her new lips, so she had her father, a dentist, put veneers on them. Niki noted, “When we were younger, the reason we knew we were identical was that our teeth developed in the same way.” Although Gabi admitted to her sister that she occasionally misses both her old teeth and her old nose, overall she is delighted with her metamorphosis.

She claimed that it was previously impossible for her to leave the house without wearing makeup.

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