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Beast Tamer is an upcoming anime series based on the same name’s light novel. The anime was first announced on 10 June 2022, and many people are waiting for this anime to air. Finally, after a few months of waiting, this anime is around the corner. The light novel anime is quite popular for its popular isekai hero genre.

According to Wikipedia, The story follows Rein a beast tamer who was expelled from the hero’s party who considers him too weak because he only has the ability to form contracts with animals. While looking for work, Rein rescues Kanade, a member of the cat tribe who becomes his companion. By forming a contract with a member from one of the strongest races, Rein obtains some of her powers, becoming much stronger. The two then begin their journey together, with Rein befriending and taming other girls from different races who become powerful companions while obtaining new abilities with each new contract formed.

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Beast Tamer Episode Release Date

What Is The Release Date Of Beast Tamer?

Beast Tamer is set to premiere on October 1, 2022, at 10:30 PM JST on MBS, TBS, and other affiliated channels. Episode 1 titled “Meeting of Fate” will release on the same date while the second episode “Comrades” a week later on October 8th.

What is the Plot of the Beast Tamer Anime?

Rein is a Beast Tamer who fights alongside the hero and his party to bring down Demon King.

But one day, his comrades declare him useless and kick him out of the party. Afterward, he decides to start living a carefree life as an adventurer.

During a test he must pass to become an adventurer, he runs into a girl, Kanade, who’s being attacked by a monster. Rein risks his life to make sure she can escape, but then she brings down the monster with one hit.

It turns out that Kanade is from the inordinately powerful Tribe of Cat People, one of the strongest species! She becomes attracted to his combination of talent and gentle nature and asks:

“Would you try to tame me?”

Rein forms a contract with the strongest cat-eared girl and starts his new life as an adventurer.

The heroes who kicked him out of the party, as well as other stronger species, take notice of his power.

Beast Tamer Release Schedule with Episode 1 to 13 Air Dates

The following schedule will help you keep track of Beast Tamer’s upcoming episodes and their release date.

Episode 1 October 1, 2022
Episode 2 October 8, 2022
Episode 3 October 15, 2022
Episode 4 October 22, 2022
Episode 5 October 29, 2022
Episode 6 November 5, 2022
Episode 7 November 12, 2022
Episode 8 November 19, 2022
Episode 9 November 26, 2022
Episode 10 December 3, 2022
Episode 11 December 10, 2022
Episode 12 December 17, 2022
Episode 13 December 24, 2022

Where To Watch Beast Tamer Anime Online? Is It Available On Crunchyroll, Funimation, Or Netflix?

Fans in Japan can enjoy the second season online on Netflix and Docomo along or they can watch the broadcast on the Super Animeism programming block on MBS, TBS, and other affiliated channels.

Fans in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and parts of Western Europe can stream the show on Crunchyroll in both English sub and Dub.

Meanwhile, Muse Asia has licensed the show in South Asia are distributing the episodes on their main channel and nation-dedicated channels with multiple subtitles options including English, Chinese, Thai, Indo, Malay and more.

The episodes will first air on Japanese local TV networks and then will arrive on the above-mentioned streaming platforms within 1-3 hours. Here is when the same episode will release in your region:

  • Pacific Time: 6:30 AM
  • Central Time: 8:30 AM
  • Eastern Time: 9:30 AM
  • British Time: 2:30 PM

How Many Episodes “Beast Tamer” Will Have?

It has been confirmed on Twitter that anime will have 14 episodes which will air from starting October 1, 2022, to December 24, 2022. A new episode will be released every Saturday at 10:30 AM JST.

Beast Tamer English Dub Release and Updates

Crunchyroll already has announced that they have started working on Beast Tamer Dub. The cast from the first season are expected to return for their roles which will be announced very soon on their official Twitter account and the dubbed episodes will be available this May. They also have confirmed that they are working on Brazilian and Portuguese dubs. We will update the article once more information will be available.

Staff Details Of The Anime

Directed by Atsushi Nigorikawa
Written by Takashi Aoshima
Music by Yuki Hayashi
Alisa Okehazama
Naoyuki Chikatani
Studio EMT Squared
Licensed by CrunchyrollSA/SEA
Muse Communication
Original network Tokyo MX, ytv, TVA, BS Fuji, AT-X
English network SEAAnimax Asia
Original run October 2, 2022 – December 24, 2022
Episodes 13

Is The Anime Coming To Netflix?

Beast Tamer anime is only available on Netflix Japan as of this writing. Unfortunately, no word yet on whether the anime will be available on Netflix outside of Japan.

About Beast Tamer Anime

Beast Tamer Anime Release Schedule

Beast Tamer Rein, who uses animals, has fought as a party of heroes. However, Rein, who has no other merits, gradually becomes unable to keep up with the battle. “You’re nothing but useless to use animals. You’re fired.” Finally, Rein is banished from the party. From now on, let’s live freely regardless of saving the world. Rein decides to become an adventurer, but at that time, he meets his destiny. On the other hand, the brave party was unaware. Until now, it was Rein who was able to fight the Demon King’s army .

Frequently Asked Questions About Beast Tamer

  • How often does anime update?

    The Beast Tamer anime updates weekly every Saturday

  • How many episodes of anime are out?

    Currently, 4 episodes are available to watch

  • When do anime Beast Tamer episodes come out?

    A new episode in the series is released every Saturday at 10:30 am

  • What day does anime update?

    the show updates every week Monday

  • What is the Beast Tamer anime release date?

    The beast tamer anime is set to release on October 1, 2022

  • Is anime finished?

    No, the anime is still ongoing

  • Is the anime based on a manga, light novel, or original work?

    It is based on the light novel of the same name.

  • Is the manga cancelled?

    No, the manga hasn’t been cancelled yet and is still ongoing

  • How many volumes of Beast Tamer manga are out?

    Currently, 7 volumes are out in the market

  • When is Beast Tamer ending?

    Looking at the sales records and popularity of the series in Japan, it seems like the series won’t be ending till late 2023 with maybe over 100 more chapters.