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Banana Kong MOD APK is an endless runner game released by FDG Mobile Games GbR in 2013. You play as a fat monkey, running from a banana peel landslide, running while eating as many bananas as possible along the way to upgrade it. The game is endless runner. Play it or not depends on you. I’ve already said it’s super cute, funny, fun, and kills time.

Banana Kong: A fat monkey races against a banana peel landslide

Classic game but make you addictive at any time

Banana Kong, a silly but graceful story, really gave birth to gameplay for mobile. Mobile game addicts often play different genres, and one of the addictive genres is the endless, non-stop running like Banana Kong. As for the smartphone users who sometimes open a single game to kill time, they should try Banana Kong once. Because it is very entertaining.

Banana Kong’s plot is silly, but it was so graceful that I didn’t want to respond to it. Kong is a cute short monkey. One day, he was walking around looking for bananas to eat, there was a loud noise behind him. Look back. A large landslide was coming right behind his backside. But this is a mountain of banana peel that can crush everything, which makes our Kongna afraid. So he ran frantically as fast as he could.

While running, Kong does not forget to eat bananas to maintain his health, to fuel energy to improve his strength, to change his clothes, or to learn more skills to overcome obstacles. And of course the road is full of obstacles like rivers, crocodiles, abyss, falling rain, rocks…

Kill time, but it can make you feel excited

Plot and situation only. But if you really focus on the game, you will find yourself getting addicted at times. Because in addition to the “main dishes”, the developer has also cleverly put together a series of “side dishes” that will make you fall in love.

To increase the level of excitement, Kong will have some friends along the way who will help our monkey through the tough times while running. The birds help Kong to fly over the abyss. The pigs help Kong to escape from the enemy very quickly…

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And to increase the level of motivation for the player again, the developer has cleverly integrated several terrains into the game scene, such as just running in the tunnel, then facing the green forest, then he has to cross a small stretch of river to reach the other bank … Thanks to that, every round Not boring, and sometimes a sudden strain on the brain. The deeper you play, the more difficult the obstacles, the variety of terrain, and the speed of the banana peel mountains behind you, so the player will have to speed up all the way and pay close attention to getting past the scene without chopping at all.

Not yet, the more bananas Kong can eat along the way, the more energy bars will be. Full power can be converted into special powers such as high jump, long range to cross obstacles more easily. Or bananas can also be used to accumulate upgrades. Some skills must be upgraded, such as running, jumping, zapping, swimming and using magnets to suck bananas. Improve the appearance of items purchased in stores along the way such as hair, hats, glasses, shoes, jackets…

Cute graphics and attractive music

The music is not very diverse but very attractive. The rhythm changes flexibly and sensibly, adding to the feeling of suspense and rush a bit so that you always remember that “don’t worry about eating bananas, right behind you, the mountain of banana peels is about to overflow.”

Banana Kong MOD by APKMODY

Another part that explains Banana Kong’s allure is the graphics. Baby Kong is fat and beautiful. He has a large belly, and the movement is very smooth and gentle. Whether on the ground, in the river or in the air, the landscape of green forests is very delicate, simple and green.

The details in the background are reasonably arranged, fit perfectly, and the color scheme is smart. This is a point that I like so much about Banana Kong, if you haven’t played, just look at it, you’ve seen a lot of fun. It’s like bringing back the feeling of playing when you were a kid.

MOD APK version of Banana Kong

MOD . Feature

Unlimited Bananas/Hearts

You have a lot in the game.

Download Banana Kong MOD APK For Android

The endless runner games are, in general, very simple to play, even with your eyes closed you can control your character. Like little Kong in Banana Kong. All you have to do on your mobile: tap to jump over obstacles, hold to slide into the air, then swipe to land. As the gameplay is almost unlike the gameplay, it is easy to identify and easy to play and manipulate, it has created a great attraction.

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