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The cast of characters, script, cinematography, theatrical productions, and matured portrayal of its concerns in Sex Education have all received accolades. About 40 million spectators watched the initial season of the show when it debuted, proving how popular it was with audiences.

Sex Education received approximately 447,750,000 hours of viewing time from September 12 and October 24, 2021, which is sufficient justification for Netflix to develop and appropriately wrap up the plot. It follows that as they impatiently anticipate the latest series of the season, the program’ ardent followers have indeed started to speculative about its upcoming launch date, narrative, and cast representatives.

On September 17, 2021, the season 3 made its debut. A week afterwards, a fourth season was revealed. Nevertheless, since Sex Education season 4’s upcoming April 2022 air date was made public, there has essentially been utter hush.

Simone Ashley, who plays Olivia, reportedly won’t be returning for the fourth season, according to reports from April 14. Later, during the course of the season, news of the departure of further members of the cast like Patricia Allison (Ola), Tanya Reynolds (Lily), and Rakhee Thakrar emerged (Emily). But we were still waiting for information on the production timeline.

Ultimately, on August 19, we learned via the main Netflix Twitter handle that Sex Education fourth season was under way. Regrettably, there is currently no exact project wrap schedule available. Nonetheless, it is said that shooting would end in March 2023. This suggests that a 2022 launch may be cancelled.

Given that the previous season was released in September 2021, if we had to estimate, we’d say Netflix is planning to broadcast Sex Education Season 4 in September 2023. Asa Butterfield announced that the fourth season of the show had begun shooting on August 5, 2022. It should be noted that Netflix will clarify this in the upcoming quarters and that it is currently only a rumour.

The Hollywood Reporter also provided a detailed description for Sex Education season 4 on Netflix, that you can read below:
Otis and Eric currently confront a fresh challenge after Moordale Secondary was shut down: their debut day at Cavendish Sixth Form College. Eric hopes they won’t get defeated again just as Otis worries about opening his local clinic. All the Moordale pupils, however, are experiencing a culture clash because Cavendish is a far higher calibre of institution.

Daily yoga in the community yard, a focus on preservation, and a bunch of young people who are well-known for being… kind? The university’s teen, non-competitive ethos completely surprises Viv, but Jackson has still been having trouble moving past Cal. By enrolling in an art A Level, Aimee attempts something different, while Adam questions if standard schooling is right for him.

Maeve is pursuing her passion in the United States at the esteemed Wallace University, where legendary writer Thomas Molloy is her professor. Otis is adapting to not being the only kid at residence or the only counselor on school while yearning for mom.

We are left with little choice except to wait till there are updates.

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