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If you are a fan of the American Dad series, you will love this game! American Dad Apocalypse Soon is an RPG that combines fun and chaos!


If you have been following the story of this famous American cartoon, you will know that this game will be full of awesomeness. Excited to play your favorite cartoon as a game? Read now!

How did it all start

It all started when aliens invaded Langley Falls. The Stan family is being held hostage. Now it’s in your hands to take control of the situation and save humanity from these pesky aliens. The game allows you to build underground bases, reproduce copies of Roger so that you can fight hordes of aliens. Remember, this isn’t just a mission to save Stan and his family, it’s a mission for the whole world!

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Your vault is your fortress! Print money and craft equipment and weapons to prepare against the impending alien invasion! Now it’s time to put all your survival skills to the ultimate test. Can you overcome the pressure and emerge victorious? Remember, failure is not an option!


American father! Apocalypse Soon offers a lot of interesting elements in this game. The world is in ruins as you run a vault with survivors. You are the leader of the resistance as your tasks include preparing for attacks, gathering resources, and meeting the needs of survivors. Everything you need will be created by you and your team.

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As the game progresses, you can equip survivors to fight with you and save the world. You will be the leader in charge of doing this and creating everything from scratch right from your basement. You will need production engineers, chefs, warriors, etc. Combat is automatic, you don’t need to do much in this aspect. It will only stop once the team is defeated. When you win, you will receive rewards so you can buy upgrades for your team and stronghold. However, this game is a battle of tactics and intelligence.

Features of the American father the end of the world soon

American Dad Apocalypse Coming Soon is not a typical boring game. It contains a lot of interesting enough elements to call it a unique game. It can be said that the match was well thought out because there is so much to do here. However, here are the features of this great game:

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Various game modes – In this game, there are a lot of game modes to choose from so that you will not get bored easily. There are PvE campaigns and PVP matches to participate in. Play against others who are just like you and prove once and for all who is the best leader.

endless upgrades – In this game, the only real control you will have will be to develop your warriors and shelter. It is your job as a coordinator to equip your warriors with the best weapons and armor as well as other important things. To do this, you can constantly upgrade your equipment and open up more rooms to accommodate more people.


multiplayer – This game has a multi-layered RPG system with the possibility of customization for you to achieve your goals.

New story mode – If you are a fan of the series, you will see a lot of familiar faces that you like. However, this game offers a whole new story that you can share in person. You will fight with characters you have never seen before. But, as with the TV show, there are bound to be familiar jokes with you.

Mission and events – Apart from the campaign, you can play a lot of missions in the game. There is never a dull moment when you play this game! The game features regular events where you can meet other players who love the game!


different places – This game features many different cities that have been destroyed by monsters. You will be in many other places where you will fight invasions and recruit more survivors to your team. Think you have what it takes?

Tips for playing American Daddy! The end of the world soon

American Dad! Apocalypse Soon depends a lot on your ability to build your base and lead your army to salvation. But this is not an easy task especially for beginners. So, we thought you would love some tips to help you take back the world from these invaders. Here are some helpful tips for you:


Understand your transcription efficiency – The game will start with some clones around your base. Your copies will only have 3 competencies: fighter, banker, and cook. Since these are pretty self-explanatory, you won’t find it difficult to assign them to the right rooms. But if you don’t set them in their own rooms, you will find that you will have a hard time reaping the rewards.

Happiness levels play a role too – Proficiency in your copy is not the only determinant of its effectiveness in performing tasks. You should also pay attention to the happiness levels in your shelter. These affect the amount of resources the clones produce at any given time. Raise your happiness in your sanctuary by clicking the speech bubble for each copy from time to time. Each bubble that is clicked increases the levels of happiness a little bit. Try to do this with all of your clones as much as possible and try to maintain happiness levels. Increasing these items will increase production by up to 5% for free for players to play.


Story missions first – In this game, you will need to complete as many story missions as possible. You will unlock many more features by doing this. Also, you will get bonus chests full of loot and useful items by advancing in the story. So, don’t skip these! The first few missions are relatively easy. It is a good idea to take missions to the point where you are defeated. After that, you can go home and make the necessary upgrades.


last thoughts

American Dad! Apocalypse Soon is a fun and interesting game to play. Contains all the familiar elements from the classic animation plus more! If you are looking for a unique game, this game is for you!