Link AFF25 + GOPUFF35 Gets 88¢ per Gallon Cash-Back Free

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Upside discount code

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Upside is a cashback app that gives you rewards on everyday purchases, including gas.

When you use the symbol AFF25 When you sign up, you’ll earn an additional $0.25 cash back per gallon on your first qualifying gas purchase (up to 50 gallons and for new customers only).

The promotional code should be automatic as long as you click on this referral link. You can confirm that the promotional code has been applied if you see the following notification on the main screen of the application:

Use these steps if the promotional code is not activated, or if you want to add additional promotional codes (there are more promotional codes below):

  1. Choose a profile.
  2. Click “Edit” under “Promotional Code”.
  3. type manually AFF25.
  4. Select Done.

This promotional code will give you an additional $0.25 in cash back on an existing offer. Therefore, if offers are available in your area, you should see cashback rates greater than $0.25.

Once the promotional code has been confirmed, Enter the promo code GOPUFF35 under the “Profile” tab.

Once you activate both promo codes, you’ll get a total of $0.60 per gallon additional Cashback on your next offer. Based on the promotions available in my area during my testing, this means I was able to get a total of $0.88 per gallon in cashback.

How to activate Upside offers

You must claim an in-app offer to earn an additional $0.25 cashback (or any cashback, for that matter).

Here are the steps to activate the offer:

  1. Add your favorite credit card to your wallet in the “Profile” tab.
  2. Get the offer within the app.
  3. Check-in upon arrival at the gas station (requires enabling of location services).
  4. If check-in doesn’t work, take a photo of your receipt.

Upside promo codes: our verdict

When we tested Upside, we found the app to be easy to use and worth 30 seconds to claim an offer. If you were to fill an empty 25 gallon tank at $0.88 per gallon cash back, that equates to a $26.40 savings.

Plus, there are additional in-app offers on both groceries and restaurants.

Upside can also be integrated with other popular cashback apps, most notably Fetch, which gives you cashback on gas receipts and also has a new user bonus of 3,000 points after submitting the first receipt. Details can be found in our Fetch Rewards review.

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