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Could a Silent Hill remake be announced this week?

Konami, from out of nowhere, has announced it will host a live event for its eerie-as-hell title, Silent Hill.

In a recent post on the Konami Twitter account, the company will provide an update regarding the Silent Hills series via a transmission that will take place on October 19th, 2 PM PT / 5 PM ET.

You may remember that there have been several rumors claiming that the Silent Hill series would see a remake of sorts. And that Konami would work with the Blobber Team (Medium, Layers of Fear) to co-develop the title. Of course, nothing ever materialized from those rumors.

It wasn’t that long ago that Konami told the gaming world that it wasn’t working on any Silent Hill games. Yet, we are on the cusp of this announcement.

Interestingly enough, Konami’s wording makes me wonder what we’ll see doing this streamed event. Are we going to see a remake of Silent Hill, like so many have asked for? Or will we see a collection of Silent Hills titles, similar to what Konami did with the Contra and Castlevania games?

To be honest, either would be great, but a remake with Blobber Team would be fantastic, as the series definitely deserves a revival. The last Silent Hill game ever released was Silent Hill: Downpour, released back in 2012.

If Capcom is doing it with the Resident Evil series, and EA and Motiv are remaking Dead Space, then surely one of the scariest gaming series of all time should get a remake (or a remaster).

We’ll have to wait until October 19th, 2022, to find out what Konami has planned.