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in A Plague’s Tale: RequiemChapter 2: New Arrivals You will experience how vibrant and colorful the new game looks in a beautiful city. This soon turns into a gritty black death as things go wrong and you are forced to survive again.

Part of the class aims to follow command codes. In this guide, we’ll teach you where to go and what to do.

first room

After you enter the room you can see that there is a gap in a long wall at the end of it. Your goal will be to get there: since it is too tall to reach, head to the side room on the right, and push the cart into the main room along with Lucas.

Slowly steer the cart towards the end of the main room. Once you hit the wall you can climb on top of it and you can now access the hole in the wall. You are moving forward in a corridor, just keep going straight until you see a gap and crawl under it.

On the other side, you will see a guard questioning one of the villagers. Avoid confrontation and sneak into the entrance on the left, then turn right to fall into the tall grass below.

Keep moving forward quietly and you will see the fence. Sit behind him and pick up the bowl to throw on the soldier’s nearby chests.

When they get distracted, take your chance and bypass the position the soldier was guarding. Advance through the corridor and you will see a fork in the road: take the right turn, then you will take a left turn when you see an open door to enter a new room.

Head straight ahead and watch the guard through the two windows. When they get away from you, head to the left exit from the room and hide behind the fence.

Left fence another window opening. pass through it.

You will end up in front of a broken rock wall. Move forward in the room while still crouching to avoid detection. In the last part of the room, turn back to look in the direction you just came from.

You will see the chests shine: throw a stone at them and the guard will be distracted near a staircase to your left (from the viewpoint of the image).

Go up the stairs and try to hug the left side of the platform. There will be a metal door right in front of you, open it and you will have cleared the first area.

corpse area

When you open the door you will end up in a room with only one direction. Jump out the window in front of you and you will fall among a large pile of corpses. You will see a cart in front of you, and the wall to the right of the cart has an opening that you must enter. Like the last time it was too long to reach, so turn left and follow the path of corpses, you can’t get lost here as there are no other directions.

On the way to the right of the dead pigs, you will come across an obstacle that stops your progress. Turn around to see a metal chest in the air holding a pile of corpses.

Prepare the winch to release the chain you are holding and the box will fall onto the platform below. You can now squeeze it in the same way you initially pushed the cart into the first room, leading it to the wall where you want to climb.

In the new place, go up the stairs. Eventually, you will find a board with a knife attached to it. Take the knife (save it, it’s not worth using it until later in Chapter 3) and the board will fall off, allowing you to crawl under the gap. After you clear, look to your left and stand on the wooden structure.

You will enter a room with another metal door. Open it and you will enter the arena, a place with enemies that you must avoid.

Get down and hide under the rocks. You will be able to see an archer high above a tower, shooting a corpse. Wait for them to turn around and advance to the wooden platform on your right (marked with a blue x on the photo).

Take cover on the wall in front of you. You will not go where the rock steps are but to your left, to enter under the wooden tower where the archer is.

There will be stairs there: go up them with caution because the enemy on your left may look, when they turn around, go up.

End of the stairs, go through the left path, and always take cover to avoid spotting the nearby guard. You will wait for an open room with a chest with a pot.

Head back out of the room and use the new bowl to distract the guard and make him look in the opposite direction from where he’s looking.

Quickly reach the room again and jump out of the window, which is located immediately upon entering the room.

You will see a rock barrier on your left, jump over it to hide and from there, you can see the metal door. You can sneak in there quite easily.

Once you get through the door, the target is technically gone. All you have to do is follow the corridor the only way you can and eventually, you’ll see another door.

When opened, the command follow codes target is completed.

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