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Malik Yoba is known for his many movie and TV roles, including that of FBI Deputy Director Jason Atwood in Designated Sticker. He has appeared in 32 flicks and 35 TV shows in a career that distances close to three decades. He is also a part-time singer with a few records in his discography.

Malik Yoba is also a community advanced. He has been part of different civic organizations in New York City meanwhile 1986. He currently serves as the Vice Premier of the CityKids Foundation. It’s thus not surprising that most of his parts are of a legal and criminal nature. The following are his finest movies and TV shows, rendered to IMDb.

Cool Runnings 

Cool Runnings is founded on the story of the Jamaica national bobsleigh team. Disdain being underdogs, they gave an astonishing performance at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This was the primary time Malik Yoba was cast in a major movie or TV show. He played a Jamaican athlete baptized Yui Brenner.

The movie was a huge monetary success, grossing $154,856,263 worldwide. Even though the characters in the movie were fictional, the events were mostly true. Detractors also praised the presentations of all the cast members in the film, as well as the story. Rotten Tomatoes, has a slash of 76%.

The Good Wife

In The Good Wife, Malik occupies yourself Eddie Forum, a man who was convicted of the murder of two young women in 1999. Malik was sentenced to death by deadly injection, but it didn’t go rendering to plan.

The medical team executing the injection was struggling to find a vein, so his legal team halted the execution, claiming what was trendy to him was a clear violation of the Eighth Amendment. They were able to halt the implementation and as he waited for his next date, they tried to strengthen his name.

We’re just my friends 

In They’re Impartial My Friends, Pat is a cruiserweight boxing champion who develops too close to a group of Italian American mobsters after the death of his father Pat Sr. (Malik Yoba). He soon finds himself in hazard when he begins dating a white neighborhood girl called Gina.

After a clash with a chauvinistic gang that’s opposed to his relationship, Pat finds himself in jail. When he finally gets out, Pat vows to be more self-controlled. He dedicates more time to his career and also timepieces to those whom he is friends with, but things aren’t as easy for him as he predicted.

Person of Interest 

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Yoba Malik depicted Andre Wilcox in Person Of Interest. Andre was the owner of a comic bookstore called Noble Funnies. He also led a double life as a gang leader responsible for numerous killings.

Andre and his gang had a routine of forcefully collecting protection money from local stores. He was bloodthirsty and then never hesitated to kill even his subordinates if they made a small error. After conducting hundreds of crimes without penalty, Andre was finally arrested and imprisoned.

New work undercover

This is certainly one of the actor’s most popular roles. Malik Yoba reprised his character as the tough-talking and cruel Det. Julius Clarence “J.C.” Williams: J.C. in the TV movie based on the FOX TV series of the same name.

J.C. was a gumshoe in the Fourth Precinct who was later transferred to the Special Investigations Separation of the New York Police Department (NYPD). Back in 2018, the legendary showrunner exposed his plans to reboot the series and movie. However, ABC chose to not pick up the show.

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