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Weak Hero Chapter 219 uncovers the mystery behind the arrival of Philips, the mighty would-be street gang. Alex and the kids put on a great show, and Gray had the best time too. He talks to his friend about another high school and the corruption at Eunjang High School. The kids realized something was going on since Philips was hosting the party. Meanwhile, Gray’s rival is about to begin his plan.

Gray’s rival had realized that someone had messed up his plans and decided to come up with something after talking to the CEO. Gerard Jin made a big profit, and after putting on a great show, he enjoyed playing with the big iPad. The kids were surprised that Gerard had the most expensive iPad of their time.

Gerard enjoyed watching things and realized they made good results. Before Gerard comes to show, he is seen engaging in street fights and defeating a powerful team of rivals Gray. But the mystery behind Gerard’s final battle has yet to be revealed. Gray’s rivals don’t know who punished his children.

Alex and the man wearing a red tracksuit approach, Gerard. Gerard wonders if the daytime robbers have arrived and warns Alex to stay away from him. Teddy also came and commented that they could use the big screen to watch cats on youtube. He asked Gerard if he wasn’t one to keep cats because other people’s cats gave off a different vibe.

The kids gathered near Gerard because they wanted to see the iPad. Gray walks by with an Apple iPad and comments that he’s touching it for the first time. Gray realized that he was the type of guy who needed time to understand things and decided to slowly study the iPad.

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Eugene joins Gray and notices that Gray will need some time to learn. He is if Gray is going to use that iPad to smash someone’s face because he once did it using a new laptop. Eugen heard his cell phone ringing and wondered who was calling him. Ganghak Doshik Kim’s name appears on Eugene’s cell phone, and he’s scared.

Eugene wonders if he’s in trouble because Doshik Kim isn’t the kind of guy to call in the middle of the night. He walks away answering the call and asks Kim what happened. Kim asks Eugen about the award he won last time and why Eugene won it.

Eugene explains his side of the story, and Kim asks Eugen to help him with something since he’s been getting customer complaints. But Eugen worries that he lacks the equipment to help Kim. He accepted the offer and decided to help Kim because Kim said he would get free chicken for a day. Eugene reveals that he will get permission from the office and help Kim in the morning.

Then Gray, Alex, Rowan, Teddy, and Forest stood by Phillips’ bicycle. Gray realized that the last time he saw Phillips’ bike, he thought about riding it. The boys notice that the key is still on, and they can drive it. But Forrest got scared because it wasn’t easy to touch Phillips’ stuff.

Philips comes and reveals that the person who has the license can go up. Gray realized he had a license and this was his chance. Phillips thought no one had a driver’s license, but he was surprised when Gray rode his bike. Gray shows Phillips license.

When will Weak Hero Chapter 219 Release?

Weak Hero Chapter 219 will be released on November 15, 2022. Teddy realizes he is driving it behind because he doesn’t have a license. Two arrogant men arrived inside the building and another was talking about the smell of an older man. Check out the latest update of Weak Hero Chapter 219 below.

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You can read Weak Hero Chapter 219 online on the official website Webtoon. Arrogant people meet with the president and wonder why their boss is worried. Eugene had become the target of the next boss from the other side. The rooster receives orders from the boss to bring Eugene. Let’s meet after Weak Hero Chapter 219 is released. Until then, keep an eye on Ink Restless for other interesting updates here.