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The Beginning After The End Chapter 167 begins after Tessia solves the mystery behind Dicatheous. Tessia, Varay, and Emily meet the scientist wizard, prof Gideon, and travel to another land for their investigation. This chapter starts with Viron’s geezer thinking about something. Viron realized that things were not going the way they had prepared.

He wondered if “they” as The Rulers weren’t ready. On the other hand, Prof Gideon runs into Blaine, who is angry about something. Blaine wondered if Gideon was sure of what they had discussed. Gideon confessed everything and that’s what he said. But he wasn’t sure that the ship belonged to the Alacryans because that was his speculation.

Gideon admits that the ship they encountered was not the Dicatheous. Everyone thought it was the Dicatheous, but after hours of investigating, they realized that the ship was something else. But the nobles wondered if Gideon was sure because they had never encountered such a ship in the past or present.

Gideon reveals that Dicatheous is something he is proud of and wants everyone to know that he created it. He added that he placed a marker for people to recognize because there was no sign on the ship; it couldn’t be Dicatheous. Gideon reveals that the ship’s skeleton is built from different materials.

Blaine is angry, and Viron tells him to relax because they can find a better solution and mystery behind a ship that is not Dicatheous. Blaine wondered why he should relax after hearing what Gideon had said to him. He realized that their enemy had an arsenal of warships, and they had not found any warships. Blaine reveals that the enemy can send hundreds or thousands of soldiers and magicians across the ocean.

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Viron realized that a fierce battle was about to begin, and The Rulers put their plans on hold. The nobles were saddened after hearing the news from Blaine and wondered how they would react when the enemy appeared as they were prepared and had not obtained anything to show that they could fight the enemy on the battlefield.

Blaine continues to reveal their weaknesses and how their enemies are getting stronger before the battle begins. He also talked about the bastards within the Dungeons of the Beast Glades. Aldir told Blaine to show respect in front of adults, and Blaine sat down because he was talking like a madman. Aldir asks Varay what he thinks of the current situation.

Varay comments that he does not have extensive knowledge of the construction of the Dicatheous and agrees with Artificer. He also talks about the lack of evidence on board, which tells them something. One of the nobles wondered if what had happened was a trap, a strategy to encourage them to split up the army and move further away from the Glades.

Aldir realized that if the Alacyans’ goal was to confront their divided army, it would be best for them to leave it somewhere along the West Coast where they would attack. The elven lady also talked about the level changes and the ships they found. Aldir wonders if this is a risk and worth taking.

He also talks about Cythian Alacryan, who believes that his people try to gather troops from time to time in the depths of the Beast Glades. But they would be foolish if they believed that the Vritra was only planning that move.

When is The Beginning After The End Episode 167 Released?

The Beginning After The End Chapter 167 will be released on November 12, 2022. Aldir revealed that they had to prepare a two-way attack with the leaderless Dwarves because they lacked troops and mages. Blaine asks Aldir to allow him and Pricilla to join him on his next visit to the Darvy Kingdom. Check out the latest update of The Beginning After The End Chapter 167.

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You can read The Beginning After The End Chapter 167 online on the official website Webtoon. Tessia undergoes intensive training and awakens new powers. Viron thought Tessia had become something on another level, but he realized that he was missing something. He defeated Tessia with one hit. Let’s meet after The Beginning After The End Chapter 167 is released. So, keep an eye on Ink Restless for other interesting updates about manhwa.