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This is going to be crazy, especially for Do Wan, who struggles with morals and ethics in Reality Quest Chapter 59. In the previous chapter, Do Wan finds out that the leader is disabled and starts wreaking havoc on his head. So now he needed to deal with the situation in a better way. As for Sehee, we know that she is the strongest person Choi has ever fought, and now she is about to show her worth again. But it looks like Do Wan needs his help. Keep reading to find out more.

The upcoming chapter will focus on combat. Sehee will continue to fight against Choi, while Do Wan will face off against the leader of the World Gang. However, Kang would seem surprised to see Sehee’s face. But Do Wan’s chances of winning against the leader seem pretty slim. Can he beat the leader?

Recap Reality Quest Chapter 58

Chapter 58 of the Reality Quest opens with a massive bloodbath between the gangs. It was a flashback to when Kang Sehun met Sehee. Boramae-dong members fight with those who caused the accident. Enraged, Kang shouts that he will kill them all before pointing at Sehee. Kang asked Sehee if she was also a member of Boramae-dong then why she was standing there. He should have fought their enemy. But Sehee’s answer surprised her.

Sehee doesn’t want to fight, and she just gets involved in a big gang to avoid fighting, which surprises Kang. Sehee revealed that she wore such clothes and glasses to avoid fighting. Back in the present, Sehee challenged Choi Hyung to a fight with him. Choi knew he could overpower and overpower him, but Sehee’s quick actions and vicious attacks left Choi covered in blood. Meanwhile, Do Wan feels guilty for fighting the gang leader. However, after the leader’s brutal attack, Do Wan decides to finish the chapter.

Reality Quest Chapter 59: What Will Happen Next?

The upcoming chapter will be filled with bloodshed as Choi is not ready to give up yet. But he was still under Sehee’s control. So first, he had to dodge the boy’s attack. But it wouldn’t be easy because Sehee wasn’t in the right mood to leave Choi and the others. Sehee would not give up, which would be a loss for Choi, and she would hit him hard in the face, leaving him covered in blood.

Do Wan will gather his strength to fight with the gang leader elsewhere. Even though the crippled gang leader and Do Wan pity him, he must stop this brutal gang war. So instead of feeling guilty for hitting a cripple, Do Wan would use all her strength to hit him hard. This will frustrate the gang leader, cause him to go wrong, which will benefit Do Wan.

When will Reality Quest Chapter 59 be released?

Now it was in Sehee and Do Wan’s hands to deal with the deputy leader and leader of the World Gang. Reality Quest Chapter 57 will be released on November 4, 2022. It will be available on the official page Naver Webtoon and the Cocoa page. Keep an eye on Ink Restless for other interesting manhwa updates from us.