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Murim Login Chapter 130 begins after the return of the Fire Lord, Jeok Cheon-Gang. Gang punishes Song IL for trying to touch his students. Song IL realized he had no match and accepted that he had lost. Gong couldn’t believe that his master was beaten to a pulp. But Song IL believes that luck is on Cheon and Jin’s side since the Fire Lord came to their rescue.

He couldn’t believe that he was humiliated in front of a different sect. Jin comments that Song IL may have lost his sight because he was unlucky, and he apologizes for everything that happened before the Fire Lord returned. Kim revealed that she couldn’t tolerate it when she saw injustice happening. Song IL noticed that Jin was grinning at him and wondered how dare the boy do that to him.

He realized every bad boy got a chance to shine when their master was around. Jin revealed that he didn’t do anything, and he had such a face, and it looked like he was laughing. Song IL realized that he didn’t have time to argue because he felt pain and one of his legs became weak. The Fire Lord told Song IL to keep his mouth shut because he was considered just a bad boy in front of him.

He was also angry that Jin allowed such a thing to happen and spoke harshly to adults. Fire Lord reminds Jin that Song IL has a grandson of Jin’s age, and Jin should have played with Song IL’s grandson, not Song IL. Song IL was also happy that Jin was also scolded. The Fire Lord reminded Jin to remain polite no matter how evil the person was. Jin apologized, and Song IL smiled but was not satisfied because he wanted to be the last to laugh.

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The Fire Lord told Jin and Song IL that he would not investigate what had happened, that they had to sort things out, and that such a thing should not happen. Song IL realized that he would either stay silent or be humiliated because he couldn’t even touch the Fire Lord even if they had to fight.

He decides he won’t die without getting Jin Tae-Kyung and the Jin Family punished for disgracing his sect. Song IL realized that he would become a laughing stock if other sect elders were around. No one ever expected the Fire Lord to return after so many years, and Song IL knew that the Fire Lord died many years ago. The Fire Lord realized that Song IL was not the one to accept such defeat, and he might try to kill Jin and his family.

But if Song IL tried to play a dirty game, they would visit the Zhongang Sect and kill every single warrior, including the sect elders. He asked the uninvited guests to get food and eat and leave, or they could leave without eating if they were in a hurry. Gong wonders what kind of Fire Lord the man who defeated them gave them food. Song IL replied that they would return to the Zhongan Sect.

Gong accepted and decided not to eat because the food would be tasteless because of the blood in their mouths. Hyuk is happy to see The Fire King and Song IL go with his crew. The Fire Lord was surprised that Jin’s brother was 36 years old, and he thought he was 40 years old. Hyuk also revealed that he is not married. They invited the Fire Lord and cooked every delicious meal they liked.

When is Murim Login Episode 130 Released?

Murim Login Chapter 130 will be released on November 10, 2022. The soldiers compare Jin to the Fire Lord and wonder who is the best man. They realized that Jin and the Fire Lord had given them an entertaining show. Jin realized that the Fire Lord hated being in noisy places, which was why he liked living in the mountains. Check out Murim Login Chapter 130 update.

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You can read Murim Login Chapter 130 online on the official website Webtoon. Jin realized that the Fire Lord wanted to take him as his disciple, and they challenged each other over who would drink more beer. The Fire Lord and Jin also talked about Jo Pil and the other sects. Let’s meet after Murim Login Chapter 130 is released. Keep watching Ink Restless for other latest updates about manhwa and other interesting manga from us.