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Permit has arrived at the location and is ready to face Congressman Kim Inbae. He would not sit idly by until they paid for their actions. Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 110 continues with Ijin facing Kim.

Cha Dusik is on his way to Congressman Kim. He had gathered his men for this task while Ijin was also heading to the same location.

Congressman Kim has the gang leader in the area under his hands and uses his men in this fight. However, they continued to send him bad news about failing the task and Dusik approached them.

Permit to reach the place faster and use the easiest way to get into the house. Men fighting will only make him lose time so he goes in for the task he wants.

Furthermore, Ijin easily knocked down the limited people he needed to perform tasks without breaking a sweat. His fast movements made it difficult for others to follow him.

He came face to face with the gang leader and Kim Inbae. He already had anger in his eyes when they tried to harm his family.

When will Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 110 be released?

Dusik will reach the location later and has no work because Ijin has already taken care of the situation. What happened in their office?

Without any news of a break or hiatus, the official scan of Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 110 in Korean will be released on Sunday, November 13, 2022, on the same day as One Piece 1066 and Blue Lock Chapter 196.

The translated version of Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 110 will be uploaded by various fan scan groups on the same day. The latest Mercenary Enrollment chapter can be read on the official website Webtoon.

Congressman Kim has really messed with the wrong people, the second time around. Permission was relatively compassionate last time since their children were involved, but this time everything was planned by Kim Inbae.

Cha Dusik’s side and Ijin

Previously Cha Dusik had called Ijin when he was surrounded by gangsters, so Ijin hung up by saying something had to be done. This time he called Ijin again as he was on his way to Congressman Kim’s location.

He also asked Ijin if he had ever met people outside the house. To explain it, he said that they were his enemies so he provided cover in case they were caught as well.

Dusik also confirmed Ijin that he would finish the competition soon so he didn’t have to worry about that. He had lied to everyone and blamed himself so that everyone had a grudge on Dusik and not Ijin.

Dusik is also trying to pay off his debt to Ijin by doing this. He also explains to his assistant that this whole situation started because of the actions of Congressman Kim’s children so he has to take part in it now.

On the other hand, Ijin was riding his motorcycle towards Dusik’s destination as well. Permission had taken control of the situation in his own hands.

What sight would Cha Dusik and his gang members see when they arrived at the location in Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 110?

Congressman Kim’s Side

Congressman Kim may have changed his location but he still uses gang leaders in the area to control people. This time, this gangster seemed to have worked for him for almost ten years.

He got word from his men that Cha Dusik had gathered his men and was on his way here. Cha Dusik usually didn’t leave his territory because that wasn’t his working principle.

He tried to provoke Kim by saying that Dusik thought of himself as a big man after betraying Kim. The gang leader insists to Kim that even though Dusik’s men have skills, this area is under his control so he will definitely win.

After the gang leader made the bold statement that this place would become Cha Dusik’s grave, Congressman Kim was satisfied. However, he suddenly remembered Ijin.

At his summons, the gang leader gets information that the people sent for Ijin and his family have been taken care of. They failed to do their job and Kim had some information that Ijin could fight back.

The gang leader also said that he would personally go and complete the task after dealing with Cha Dusik. Kim is relieved to hear that and feels their plan is going according to plan.

Suddenly, Congressman Kim recalls Dusik’s words from their previous clash where he said they screwed the wrong person. Was this a sign of the events that took place in Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 110?

Heeding the warnings from back then, he thought that they were just some useless memories. He also praised the gang leader because he believed the job would be done if he did it personally.

Permission Attack

Permission gets information from Sukjo about Congressman Kim’s last location. He lives in his hometown with his family in a villa. Permit to drive his motorbike to the location before Cha Dusik.

Arriving at the location, he observed the place for a while. With his swift movements, he reached the back side of the villa where the number of people was relatively less.

People thought he was a deliveryman but were suspicious about his moves. Before they could react, he jumped over the wall in an instant and everyone stared at him at a loss for words.

Permits infiltrated the villa and there were people guarding the whole place in small groups scattered everywhere. He had to take down one group as soon as he crossed the wall.

Attacking one group gradually attracted the interest of the other group and everyone started attacking it. However, Ijin’s intention was not to fight this time so he chose the easiest way to enter the house.

He hit the glass window to enter the house. It made a crashing sound and Congressman Kim along with the gang leader thought that Cha Dusik had arrived there.

They mistakenly thought that the voice was coming from outside. In just a few moments, they realized someone was in the house.

Permit threw a man at the door breaking it as he approached the room. Congressman Kim looked terrified and Ijin didn’t have the slightest bit of pity in his eyes.

How will this fight go in their office? Ijin could easily defeat them and they were both now cornered in a small room. Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 110 will include many action scenes featuring Permits.

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