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Duke flees in the middle of the fight when Kartein intervenes to fight the professor. Helping Gain was Jiwoo’s first priority so he couldn’t catch up to Duke. However, the new opponent seemed to be interested in Jiwoo. Eleceed Chapter 219 will reveal more about the new people who appeared in the recent chapter.

There are also some rumors about the upcoming Eleceed anime.

Kartein doesn’t like to show her feelings about caring for someone openly. So when asked about Jiwoo, he brushed it off saying that Jiwoo was his patient and he helped in the fight so he wouldn’t get hurt.

Kartein seemed annoyed to accept his feelings and thus he also convinced himself that he was not helping but caring for his patients.

Jiwoo told Kayden about Duke as a traitor and how Gain was attacked in the process. Kayden returned it to the simple explanation of greed for power.

Awakened betrays the organization, family and friends to gain more power. This is rather common in their world.

Kartein also saw that the Duke had the same ability as Schneider. Jiwoo explained the reason behind it and said it was because he was trained by him.

Kayden already knew that Schneider had one disciple so the Duke must be the second. This indicated that Schneider had his first disciple for quite some time and trained in power control, unlike Duke.

When will Eleceed Chapter 219 Release?

Kartein has always been a mysterious character since his appearance. Even though he was loved by the readers, not much was shown about him unless he healed Jiwoo.

Therefore, the character is more and more explored now. Kayden’s healing ability was the best because he could heal Jiwoo when no one else could.

Furthermore, he also possessed great defensive and barrier skills. His attacking skills are also displayed and are quite unique from the others.

Raw scan Eleceed 219 will be released on Tuesday, November 8, 2022, at Webtoon official. Fan scan will release an English scan of Eleceed Chapter 219 on Wednesday, November 9, 2022.

As Jiwoo got more and more involved in this Awakened world, it would be very difficult for him. But she has a strong support system and even Kayden thinks of her friends as freaks. Jiwoo’s friends were always there for him and supported him which was not the case in their world.

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Kartein’s Action

Kartein arrives at the scene and the professor is surprised to see him there. He asked a natural question as to why Kartein was helping Kayden’s student when the two of them were enemies.

This irritated Kartein and he was angry when he replied that Jiwoo was his patient and it was annoying for him to see Jiwoo hurt all the time. He entered only for that reason.

Kayden’s power control is dark and the professor decides to attack him back because he can’t die like this. He thought that he succeeded in his attack but it was just Kartein’s trap.

Kartein had trapped the professor in his Black Swamp. There is no escape if one falls into this trap. Kartein also grows wings in this technique and the person disappears from his sight and existence.

In the midst of this chaos, the Duke disappeared from the scene. Kartein was here because Jiwoo fought again right after his recovery.

Kartein did not accept Jiwoo’s request to go after him because that was not his goal. Was it a good thing to let the Duke escape? The Eleceed 219 spoiler will likely answer that question.

Jiwoo’s Battle Analysis

Kayden was Jiwoo’s mentor and therefore it was important for them to discuss things, especially in this Awakened world.

Kayden asked Jiwoo about his feelings about his fight with Duke. Jiwoo found it easier than before because the Duke used the abilities of the top 10 world rankings in this fight.

He felt that the control of the Duke’s power was unnatural, It was probably because he trained in this ability for a short time.

Jiwoo came to the conclusion that the Duke must have been training his own skills for a long time and the control of this power was his recently acquired power.

Even with the same amount of power, the results depended on how one used it. Therefore when the Duke used the power he learned recently and not the power he trained in the first place, it was clear that Jiwoo could handle it.

Will there be another fight between Duke and Jiwoo in the future? For now, Jiwoo was getting stronger in utilizing his technique using Kayden’s training method.

What happened next?

After escaping from the Academy, the Duke reached his hideout. This might be the residence of the Frame members or simply the place of Schneider’s upcoming apprentice.

The duke arrived injured and was greeted by the first disciple Schneider. The duke called him brother but the others ignored him.

Are they related by blood or only related to Schneider’s skill? However, this new person was stronger than the Duke because the Duke didn’t answer back.

News of Kayden getting an internship spread like wildfire. People were interested in seeing Jiwoo and knowing about his skills.

Schenider’s disciples were no exception. Since his master was one of the world’s top 10, he was interested in seeing Jiwoo as Kayden’s disciple.

Will this person go to the Academy to attack Jiwoo? Jiwoo seemed to be in a critical position now.

Even without this person, there were several people waiting in line to challenge Jiwoo. What will happen next in his days at the Academy?

Eleceed Episode 219 will likely refocus on the Academy and Jiwoo’s business regarding it. Will the news of the Duke being a traitor spread throughout the Academy?

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