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Let’s talk about Blue Lock Chapter 196. The sports genre is undoubtedly one of the best genres when it comes to teamwork, amazing moments and action. Gone are the days when shonen was the only genre full of action and adventure. Times have changed drastically, especially in recent years. A significant change we have noticed in the anime industry is that each genre has its own audience and fans give an equal amount of love to each genre.

Not only that, several new concepts have also emerged in the anime industry. Some of the series also outperform the popular anime series in terms of popularity, net income and any other aspect you can think of. Some sports anime like Haikyuu! has proven the ability of sports animes in front of the world. Following the same path, Blue Lock is trying to make a new impact on the industry and it seems to be running at a perfect pace.

As of now, 195 chapters have been released and fans are now giving huge support to the series for various reasons. From the story to the characters, everything is top-notch. The last chapter, chapter 195, revealed so many things and made fans even more excited for the next chapter with incredible hype. Since the hype is already set, fans are also having some confusion regarding the release date and spoilers. This is why, we have decided to cover everything you need to know regarding Blue Lock Ch 196 in this article itself. Be sure to read the article to the end.

Blue Lock is a Japanese manga series that revolves around the game of soccer. The story of the series begins with the 2008 FIFA World Cup in which Team Japan was eliminated. The Japan Football Union started gathering high school players for the 2022 FIFA World Cup preparations and finally made a decent team. The focus turns to one of the main characters of the series, Isagi Youichi who misses the opportunity to go to the Nationals when he passes the ball to a less skilled player. This anime has one of the most unique football stories you can think of. Certainly one of the must-watch anime for sports anime fans.

Blue Lock Chapter 196 Spoiler:

Chapter 196 of Blue Lock is quite an important chapter of this series. This chapter is mostly based on Isagi. He was thinking too much about the last match and Nagi’s condition. This chapter also shows the acceptance of Nagi’s abilities in front of Isagi. This chapter also focuses on Nagi and we find out about his motivation to win the match. He was obsessed with winning against Isagi. He is ready to lose in any other match besides this one. Overall, this chapter was pretty good and it’s definitely a chapter that will keep you in your seat. We expect the same amount of fun from the other chapters as well.

When will Blue Lock Episode 196 be released?

Chapter 196 of Blue Lock is ready to be released on November 6, 2022 for most international fans. The release date in some regions may differ due to different time zones.

As of now, we cannot predict the exact spoiler of chapter 196 Blue Lock due to limited data. It is impossible to predict spoilers right now, but we will update you with all the latest news about Blue Lock anime and manga. Stay connected and keep an eye on Ink Restless for all the daily headlines.

Where To Read Blue Lock Chapter 196?

Blue Lock chapter 196 can be read online from the official website Kodansha. In fact, all previous chapters can also be read here. We’ll let you know if some other popular manga reading site gets a license. It should be noted that, you may need to purchase some kind of membership to enjoy all the chapters, but it will be well worth it because the story is very good and interesting.